Achalasia Medication and Surgical Treatment

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At the first stage this disease of Achalasia creates a minor problem and often it goes as unnoticed, but over the time goes someone with Achalasia always find it increasingly difficult to swallow food as well as liquid.  This happen because of the muscles in the position of the oesophagus or gullet, that moves food as well as other liquids into the stomach has not functions properly. This leads towards the oesophagus dilating or stretching that may even lead towards choking or coughing at the time of night. So, triggered by the food as well as liquids, should be regulated when patient lies down at night.

Possible Treatment To Overcome Achalasia Disease:
If a patient has been suffering from this disease then a chest X-ray may be suggested by the doctors or other diagnosis, which is usually confirmed during the period of endoscopy whenever a fiber optic camera is generally used for looking inside the gullet or stomach.

Initially the symptoms of this disease can even be improved temporarily by only the medication, if the proper diagnosis is made at the early stages of the disease or if it has made on the later half just by dilating the narrow part of the gullet in order to allow food for passing much more easily, which can also be achieved by the inflating of a small balloon in the narrowed section in order to stretch it.


By performing an operation with in which the muscle is surgically cut up for preventing further obstruction can be treated in most of the cases of Achalasia. This operating is termed as myotomy ; aside from that the success rate of this is near about 85 to 95 percent.

However, if the patient is considered unfit or unable to take any kind of surgery then Botox injections can be used in order to relax the tense muscles at the lower part of the gullet. Nevertheless, this treatment option is only lest just only three months at a time, it does not provide a long term solution.