Appendicitis – Acute Inflammation of the Appendix

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Possible Causes of Appendicitis :
The disease of appendices may be caused due to an infection or by others which always plays a big role to block the appendices. Though it is not clear to us the exact reason why appendices infection occurs but one theory suggests that this bacteria is generally found in the gut invade throughout the wall of the appendices, which is resulted for the weakness in the defense of the body that cause for inflammation as well as infection.

Possible Symptoms of Appendicitis:
In general cases , the condition is typically describes about the colicky pain in the center area of the abdomen that frequently comes and goes. But that pain then change its position towards the iliac fossa ( the lower outside part of the abdomen) on the right side of the body, and may become worse which could require urgent medical attention.


In spite of that some other symptoms may be noticed at that time like:

  • Loss of the appetite,
  • Abdominal Pain,>/li>
  • Vomiting tendency,
  • Constipation,
  • Diarrhea,
  • A dry and furry tongue,
  • Flushed face,
  • Shallow Breaths with pain,
  • Or sometime feverish.

Treatment of Appendicitis:
If your child has severe pain at that moment the your first and foremost duty is calling a doctor, but remembered don’t give them anything to eat or drink. In order to remove appendix an urgent surgery is highly needed before it bursts or perforates.

Even if the appendices bursts then this infection pus is spilled all over into the abdomen, that can even lead towards peritonitis or inflammation of the lining at the area of abdomen, which can resulted a long term damage including infertility in the woman.

In this regard sometime doctor suggests for the painkillers, intervenes fluid as well as antibiotic treatment. Also most of the children always recover from this disease after having removed their appendix within a few days.