Appropriate Times for Hot or Cold Treatment

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Injuries can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter how cautious a person may be; there is always a chance. For this reason, everybody should know how to properly treat an injury, even if it is just a mild one. Seemingly mild injuries can actually lead to worse issues later in life, and even to severe complications like CRPS. Chronic pain often has its root in injuries that were not handled effectively.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to treat an injury is to apply hot or cold packs. Extreme temperatures have many benefits when it comes to dealing with an injury, as long as they are used properly and at the appropriate times. In most cases, using hot or cold packs is safe, as long as it is done correctly. People with diabetes or any other condition that causes poor circulation or impaired nerve sensation should consult their healthcare provider before administering hot or cold to an injury.

Heat is generally used for treating sore muscles, chronic pain, loosening muscles and tissues, stimulating blood flow, and as a substitution for cold when the injured area is overly sensitive to cold. Heat is generally best used as a preemptive measure. One example would be applying heat to the wrist before a game of golf. Only moderate heat should be used as well, in order to avoid burns. 20 minutes is usually the maximum amount of time a person should spend using heat.

Cold treatment is more common after an acute injury. In most cases, cold packs, ice, or that old bag of peas should be applied to the injury as soon as possible. This helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as pain. Ice is the opposite of heat, in that it should never be used before an activity. The area that has been injured should be relaxed and still while the icing is taking place.

Whether using hot or cold, it is so important to wrap the item touching the skin in a towel or other protective layer. Applying even moderate hot or cold items for a prolonged period of time can cause more problems. It can be easy to overlook the pain of too much hot or cold when the pain from an injury is clouding judgment.

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Understanding the appropriate times for hot or cold treatment is important, especially for active people. How an injury is handled is absolutely crucial when it comes to long-term healing. A person can never be too cautious when it comes to their health, and being able to properly deal with an injury is essential.