Cataracts ( Cloudy Vision ) – Medical and Age-Related Condition

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The cataracts disease is most commonly develop when the people get older, which is also known as age related cataracts. Also exposure to the UV radiation as well as smoking are also common causes to this disease. Moreover congenital cataracts are generally present from birth which are usually resulted the exposure to the infection, radiation or drugs before births. Aside from that it may even cause by a genetic problem.

But congenital cataracts or left untreated cataracts may even result for permanent visual loss. There are also some other cataracts which may include diabetes, long standing inflammation, certain treatment of drugs as well as eye injury.

General symptoms of Cataract:
Generally the age related cataracts symptoms are quite be able to develop gradually by getting worse over many years, in this regard blurred as well as cloudy vision is too much common. This may even cause difficulties to see in the dim light and look glaring in the bright lights. Also colors may appear to them being different and there may be a yellow tinge to vision.


Possible Treatment Of Cataract :

  • The risks of age related cataracts can be reduced by stop smoking or protecting the eyes from the UV radiation with the help of sunglasses.
  • Taking a good management of the condition such as diabetics are somehow quite being able to reduce the risk on developing cataracts.
  • Doing regular eye test is too much beneficial for you to detect this disease early.
  • But the most effective treatment is done when you want to remove the affected lens surgically with the help of an artificial one.