Constitution of Health Care System

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Health care system can be termed as an organization through which health care is provided. It is true to argue that health care systems vary from country to country whereby you find that the system is more stable in developed countries than in the third world countries. The health care system cannot function well without some of its constitutes which make the system and strengthen it in its operations of providing better health care to individuals. Health care providers, health care institutions, health professionals and the financing mechanism actually form the health care system. Health care institutions include hospitals, health centers, nursing homes and many others. The financing mechanism is actually the body that manages the system for example, many health systems are managed by governments and thus it becomes the financing mechanism.

For the health care system to be strong and dedicated to serving people, its constitutes must also show strength. This means that dedication to work should be first shown by the doctors, nurses or the health providers in general. If for instance nurses are not willing to work then the system will actually collapse which will actually cause danger to the individuals who were depending on that system. The health care institutions must have enough working equipment so that the health care providers get morale in the operation of their duties.
Health Care System

For instance, we may find that a particular hospital lacks equipment like the microscope that is essential in blood test and other laboratory tests. Patients will be attending the hospital for blood test but nurses cannot be in a position to provide such a service simply because the instrument for that work is unavailable. This may discourage the workers and feel that the services they are providing are not up to the required standards.

For a well functioning health care system, the financing mechanism should be active in the provision of the required equipment to keep the health facility or institution with the right equipment so that it serves individuals with confidence. The problem of inadequate equipment in health institutions is common in the third world countries where most government sponsored health institutions are not taken care of either due to political aspect in those countries or negligence of the ministry of health in such countries. The vital thing to do is to motivate the health care providers working in these institutions by providing them with all what is required in their service and this can make them get committed to their duties hence effective health care provision.

Sometimes it is found that those health care institutions operating under private organizations actually function well than those governed by the governments. This may be due to close management in the private sector than the government sector. There are many external factors that can adversely affect the government sector for example, the political aspect. We may find that the health care institutions are equipped with medicine only when we are approaching the national politics and this is very bad indeed. It is good to ensure that health institutions are equipped with the necessities all the time in order to ensure effective health care provision.