Get Great Deals With New Life Lotus Touch

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Every day more people are becoming aware of what is going in and on their bodies. People are choosing to consume less chemically altered food, and instead are replacing it with organic products. Why should the exterior of our body be treated any differently? Every day people are using harsh chemicals on the skin, all over their bodies, and every day skin care companies are searching for healthier and newer ways to manage our exterior. One of the best brands in the industry has the professional grade products for your spa that will deliver the very best results to your customers. It is easy to see the complete line of New Life lotus touch skin care and massage supplies when you go online. You can also order a paper catalog to be sent to you via mail if you would prefer that way of browsing.

If the words pure and botanical appeal to your idea of massage therapy and skin care, then look no further than the products from Lotus Touch.  These products contain no alcohols, no nut oils, and zero mineral oils, for a certified organic experience. Lotus touch offers a complete selection of essential oils to soothe anything from headache to stress to joint and muscle pain. Pair with a professional scent diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere for any client. Your clients that have sensitive skin or food allergies do not have to worry about the products you are using, and that will certainly put their minds at ease.

Lotus Touch products extend their organic ingredients, like sugar, soybean, and coconut oil, to their body scrubs, to wash away dirt and impurities from the skin. At less than ten dollars a container, you can afford to buy one of each to see which works best for your clients or technique. Lotus touch sugar scrubs can be used alone, or as a part of a complete spa treatment.  Choose from a Thai inspired green tea and lemongrass, the soothing Pomango, a blend of pomegranate with mango highlights, or the citrus body polish to give your skin a fresh glow.

Many may consider the best part of a spa experience to be a massage, whether muscular, hydro, or reflexology, Lotus Touch has several rich and organic creams, lotions, and oils to pamper even the toughest of skin. The Lotus Touch Organic Massage Cream comes in two sizes, a friendly 16 oz. container for smaller salons, and a larger ½ gallon for those who serve a larger amount of clients. If your technique works better with a massage oil instead, Lotus Touch Organic Naturals massage oil comes in three sizes, 8 oz., 32 oz., and 64 oz. to ensure you are always stocked with your preferred products.

Lotus Touch also carries several spa accessories like herbal eye pads to soothe tired eyes, soy candles, and even detergent for laundering linens. They have a wide selection of wash cloths, towels, and hand towels for your business to keep stocked up on the essentials with ease. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics so you can pamper your clients with your favorite ones. Going online and placing an order for massage supplies and Lotus Touch products is smart and easy to do. A few clicks of the mouse to add items to the shopping cart, and then click checkout.