Knowing the Signs of Asperger’s Disease ( Asperger Syndrome )

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Asperger’s Disease ( Asperger Syndrome ) is something that many people suffer from, but few people understand it, or even know what it is. People that have Asperger’s disease are usually very intelligent but they have a problem when it comes to dealing with anything that is a social action. People that have this disease will also usually have a very highly developed memory and will be able to remember things especially facts as a higher rate than most other people.

People that have this problem could actually show many different signs, but some of the most common are things such as a strange style when it comes to communication, they might not have many friends and might not have a great social skill set. They could also have an obsession when it comes to certain things or topics, it might seem that they are little OCD when it comes to noise or how clothes fit and things of that nature.

If you find that you know someone that has Asperger’s disease then you might very well notice not only the things that are listed above but some other problems as well. Many people that have this disease seem to have trouble looking people in the eye. This is usually because it’s physically difficult for them to so, it in a way hurts them to look at people in the eye. They might even have some trouble remembering what they are saying if they are made to do this. One reason that some people think this is the case is that the face of a person, more importantly the eyes hold a lot of information and people that have Asperger’s are so sensitive that it could become overwhelming.
Aspergers Syndrome

When asked why they have trouble looking into people’s eyes, some people with Asperger’s have actually described the feeling as almost a burning feeling if they have to look someone straight in the eyes. There are some people that are able to get to the point that they can do it very rarely if they work hard and train themselves to do this. This is helpful to those that are close to people that have Asperger’s Disease ( Asperger Syndrome ) because many people think that if a person doesn’t look at them when they are talking that means that they don’t care or aren’t listening, however that isn’t the case. It can be something that many people get the wrong idea about, they are actually making sure that they can listen to you and give you the attention that you need.

In order to be able to help and understand a person with this disease then you have to understand exactly what the signs are and that they can’t always help what they do or what they understand. If you think that someone you know has this then it’s a good idea to do some research and then talk to them and see if there is any reason to get them checked out my a professional that is used to dealing with people with Asperger’s disease.