New Life Systems

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Online shopping at New Life Systems online store will make a first time customer a return customer. Individuals can browse through an array of top quality, affordable spa products and supplies. The site’s collection is arranged for shopping with ease; items are searchable by brand names, item categories and sales. It’s a pleasant, hassle-free experience where spa owners, massage therapists and any individuals seeking spa items are sure to find what they search for.

Shop by Brand

New Life Systems carries the top quality brands in spa products and supplies. Brands include Anesi, Angel feathers, Aura Cacia, Bamboo-Fusion, Betty Dain, BodyCushion, Bubalina, Canyon rose, Custom Frameworks, Dukal, Earthlite, Giovanni, Jesse Steele, Kur, Living Earth Crafts, Lotus Touch, Mehaz, Mommy Love, Nelly Packs, Paragon, Pour Elle, Shark Fin, Spidertech, TheraPro, Zendals and more.

Shop by Category

At New Life Systems customers can shop by category. The categories are divided into the following sections for shoppers’ convenience:

Massage Equipment

The essential equipment for massage treatments are available in the Massage Equipment category at New Life Systems. Items include massage tables, massage stools, massage chairs, storage solutions, carts and other necessary items. Shop by item within the Massage Equipment category for easy location and comparison of different brands. Descriptions for each item provide the information needed for choosing the right equipment for all spa settings.

Esthetic Supplies

Shop the Esthetic Supplies category for ensuring the array of spa treatments offered deliver the ideal experience for clients. Select from a collection of items including bowls, skin treatments, tweezers, lancets, cotton supplies, loofahs, sponges, gloves, disinfectants and more.

Treatment Supplies

This category includes items for delivering spa treatments like hot stone massages, hot shell treatments, mud and body wraps, herbal treatments, tanning and energy treatments.

Massage Supplies

This category offers an array of products for delivering the ultimate massage experience. Sheets, linens, oils, creams, lotions, cleansing supplies, aromatherapy items and laundry detergent are some of the items found in the Massage Supplies category.

Waxing, Mani-pedi, Salon

In these categories shoppers find items for specific treatments. The Waxing category includes waxing supplies such as kits and heaters. The Mani-pedi category offers all items needed for manicures and pedicures including slippers and separators. The Salon category contains all of the items needed for different hair treatments such as styling and coloring aids and other accessories needed for salon hair services.


The Apparel category offers disposable items for use in spas as well as jackets, tee shirts, aprons, robes, wraps, yoga clothing and a selection of jewelry.


For educational purposes, visit the high quality assortment of videos, books and CDs for spa services education. Marketing and business media is also available in the Media selection category.

Shop by Sale

New Life Systems also offers customers the opportunity to shop by sale. Customers can shop by specific items in the Sale category for quality products at discounted prices.

Placing Orders

Customers can shop the online catalog or request a free catalog by mail. Customers also have the option of shopping by phone or online. New Life has promotions posted on its website for saving on shipping and handling as well.

New Life Systems website has all spa needs in one, online location. A new customer will be a return customer after the New Life Systems shopping experience.