Opening a Physical Therapy Office the Easy Way with

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After working in a busy hospital for several years, Veronica wanted to open her own physical therapy clinic. While she had enough saved up to get the clinic space and support her own expenses while her business got started, she was worried about the cost of the equipment and supplies she would need. She spent many hours cruising around the city to find companies that would have what she needed, and was close to giving up on her dream.

Some supplies and equipment were hard to find. Some were extremely expensive. Others had to be special ordered. Just as she had decided to forget about opening a clinic of her own, she went online to do some research and found When she saw all of the great therapy supplies and equipment available all in one easy to access spot at prices that were affordable her dream sprung back to life. In just a few weeks, Veronica was on her way to opening the doors to patients. She had the furnishings and diagnostic equipment delivered first.

Easy Ordering and Delivery from

Her orders from were delivered quickly to her door. She just opened them up and put them where she needed them. She outfitted her exam room with a hydraulic table that let her have the best access to her patients for treatment. She loved the huge selection of all of the equipment she needed, and had dozens of high quality exam and treatment tables to choose from. She outfitted her exam room with the scales, heart rate monitors, otoscopes, blood pressure kits, and pulse oximeters. Everything she needed to get a complete overview of her patient’s health and therapy needs. She purchased strength and range of motion testers at great prices, and all of the disinfectants and sanitation supplies to keep everything clean and safe.

Veronica stocked mobility and disability aids for her patients so they had easy access to them at the great prices she could offer thanks to the savings she got from the online supply company. She kept lots of transfer boards, canes and crutches at the office. Even with her large supply of the smaller items on hand, there were some things she couldn’t keep readily available for patients with special needs. When patients asked her where they could find personal care items like wheelchairs, power chairs, shower seats, lifts or walkers to make their lives easier at home, she happily pointed them to

Once she had the basics ready in the exam room, she ordered all of the office supplies to keep track of her patient load. It gave her confidence knowing that all of the replacement supplies she needed from analgesics to pain medications and cold therapy gels were easily obtained from She was able to order tools to keep her equipment running properly like replacement tips for her Activator adjusting instruments, palm and finger pads to make using the tools easier on her hands, and even holsters to keep them readily accessible as she moved from patient to patient.