Successful Therapeutic Clinics Use The Highest Quality Massage Equipment

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Massage therapy is a beneficial healing art that offers much relief to men and women. When properly performed, massage can reduce back pain, arthritis, and other health issues. However, it takes the best professional-grade massage equipment to give the client the utmost treatment time and again.

A Massage Table

Out of all of the massage equipment necessary to operate the therapeutic clinic, a high quality massage table is extremely vital. Some types of treatments, including movement therapy, require a strong and durable table. Additionally, some therapists take their work on the road and require a portable table that is lightweight yet durable, and easy to set up and take down. Stationary and portable massage tables are available in a variety of sizes, colors, costs, and other options.

Additional trade tools for a massage therapist include high-quality lubricants, including massage lotions, oils and creams. This provides the best glide and friction necessary to perform skin-to-skin contact between the client and the practitioner. High quality massage lubricants tend to absorb slowly, minimizing the amount of lubricant necessary to perform the entire session.

Massage Oils, Creams and Lotions

There are a huge variety of massage oils available made out of natural ingredients including jojoba, sunflower oil, almond oil, apricot, Shea butter and avocado. Many of these are natural products made from organic ingredients that are ideal for any client that suffers with allergies.

In addition, the massage therapist needs to invest in high quality blankets and linens that are typically used for bodywork treatments and full body massage when the procedure requires partial or full client nudity.

Supplies for the Room

Soothing music using a high quality sound system, and ambient lighting can help create the most relaxing environment for quality massage sessions. In addition, a well-designed and comfortable seating area should be available inside the massage room along with heated towels and clothing storage, all designed to make the client feel as comfortable as possible.

Larger sheets and towels are a must for a successful massage therapy business as are pillowcases or small towels that are ideal for the face rest. Some therapists even offer their clients high-quality robes to help enrich the massage experience while providing a comfortable environment, although this is typically not considered a necessity in a successful massage business.

Optional Massage Equipment

Many massage therapists incorporate hot stone massage into their practice, and require all of the tools and massage quipment necessary to perform the session. This often includes different sizes and shapes of hot stones to provide a relaxing sensation while relieving tight and stiff muscles. The stones need to be the right texture, and suitably sized to comfortably fit all across the body. These types of stones are selected because they have no painful surface edges, or disintegrating properties.

Paraffin Wax Treatments

In addition, other essential massage quipment includes the tools necessary to provide paraffin wax treatments to clients. These types of massage treatments provide a sensation of warming relief to the feet and hands. Therapists also use sea salt for an effective salt glow treatment that is typically incorporated into a full body massage.

Additionally, the massage therapist can procure massage quipment and accessories for their massage chair or table. These include breast cutouts, massage chair breastbone (sternum) cushions, and a variety of bolsters for table work. In addition, face rests and cutouts are available for a variety of massage tables to help minimize pressure on the neck during the session.

Running a successful therapy business requires the highest quality massage quipment available, like that offered by Massage Warehouse. With the right equipment and supplies, the therapist can provide the highest level of massage therapy treatments to their clients.