The Benefits Of Massage Chairs

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There is nothing quite like a therapeutic massage. Yet, many of us are just too busy to get to the spa on a regular basis. If this describes you then you need to take a look at Massage Warehouse massage chairs. They offer all the brand names NRG, EarthLite, Oakworks, and Stronglite at reasonable prices. Massage is proven to fight insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. is an online self-help community. They offer an article called Extraordinary Massage Chair Benefits for Your Muscles and Health. The article mentions how busy most of us are, and how getting to the spa for a needed massage is virtually impossible. Massage chairs fill this gap very nicely. These chairs imitate what a real human massage therapist does. Of course, a chair cannot compete with a good therapist; however they are the next best alternative.

There are definite advantages to owning a massage chair. First, you can indulge yourself in a massage whenever you feel the need. If you are a modest person and would prefer to not go to the spa, massage chairs allow you to receive a massage in complete privacy. Massage chairs relieve tension and increase blood circulation. As a result your muscles become more flexible and your tissue receives more oxygen and nutrients.
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Massage chairs pose little to no risk to the user. The massage is non-invasive and you control the operation of the chair from its control panel. Not only are massage chairs becoming popular in homes but according to Massage News many employers are offering massages via massage chairs right in the office, even in a down economy. The savvy employer has done his research on the benefits of therapeutic massages. Employees who receive massages at work are less anxious, call out sick less often, and are typically more productive.

For the employer it really is a no brainer. The cost of having a massage therapist bring her portable massage chair to the office on a monthly basis is minimal. Yet, employees see it as an excellent perk. The current economy is tension filled and most employees are doing more work and are being held accountable for more than ever before. Massage relieves built up stress, fights insomnia, depression and anxiety. Workers are happier meaning they are more likely to go the extra mile when needed.

One estimate puts stress related business loss at $300 billion annually. Yet when companies implement this simple benefit, employees take on bigger projects, and they are less fatigued while being more focused to the job. The company not only increases production, but bottom lines get a boost too. Studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute have shown that stress is reduced and mood and the immune system are enhanced when people receive regular massages.

Companies that make use of office massage chairs see their employee’s bodies and minds become refreshed. Having a healthy way to relieve stress and office tension helps both the company and the workers achieve. The massage station can easily be set-up in an unused office or conference room. Once the massages are complete the therapist simply packs up her chair and leaves, until next month.